Ed Rizzardi,
Striking Design I Unmatched Craftsmanship 

About  Ed Rizzardi,  Master Woodworker

From his shop in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Ed Rizzardi builds furniture at a workbench the way he believes heirloom furniture is meant to be made.  This includes careful selection of quality hardwoods, exposed jointery, sculpted lines, oil finish and tasteful designs

Inspired by the One of the Greatest Woodworkers:

Fortunately I had the pleasure and good fortune to know and be inspired by one of the greatest woodworkers in our life time.  Sam Maloof was not only a talented woodworker's but a true artist. His ability to proportion a piece of furniture and yet have it be a completely functional piece was truly remarkable.  I had the good fortune to meet and first admire Sam's work in 1980.  I was so taken by many of his designs,  I immediately began to produce pieces with a Maloof influence.  As time went on I found myself enjoying making chairs the most.  I have made a number of different types and styles of chairs over the last 45 years. but the one chair I enjoy making the most is the Rocking Chair.  There is something about the process from start to finish in making a Rocking Chair that both intrigues and challenges every element of my woodworking passion.

Making the Perfect Rocking Chair

In the last 45 years I have made more than 50 Rocking Chairs.  I look back at the first chair I made and realize how many changes have evolved over the years.  Making the same chair over and over again is not a challenge, the challenge is to make continuous improvements with each chair, so some day you end up with the "Perfect Rocking Chair".

I am not there yet but the Rocking Chairs I have made the last few years have been touted as being the "Most comfortable Rocking Chairs people have sat in."

Not only are my Rocking Chairs very comfortable but they are made to last a life time.  Constructed from the finest hard woods, structurally sound jointery and assembled to last hopefully forever.

Thank you Sam for your inspiration, drive and sheer genius you gave the woodworking community.