Rocking Chairs can be made in most all hardwoods, contact Ed for price and delivery if you are looking for a particular species of wood.

Interested in Building your own Rocking Chair? A complete set of working drawings to make a Sam Maloof inspired Rocking Chair is available for $75.00 plus shipping.  This is not a sketchy set of drawings that leave you with many unanswered questions.  Each page is a completely dimensioned mechanical drawing of each component of the Rocking Chair. Some of the sculpting is defined on the drawings, some is left up to the artist.  Full size templates or patterns are also available for $40.00. 

Just contact Ed Rizzardi at (909) 899-8005 or e-mail:  to order. 

Ed Rizzardi,
Striking Design I Unmatched Craftsmanship 

Curly Maple Rocking Chair

Musical instrument quality Curly Maple
Price : $7500 Plus S&H

Standard FAS Maple 

Price: $6500 Plus S&H

Rocking Chairs

Custom Made Rocking Chairs

Figured Walnut Rocking Chair

Highly Figured American Black Walnut
Price : $7500 Plus S&H

Standard FAS Walnut

​Price :  $6500 Plus S&H